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McIntyre, McAteer, McIntire and McEntire….

……is   an   Irish   and   Scottish   surname   derived   from   the   Gaelic   Mac   an   t- Saoir   literally   meaning   "Son   of   the   Craftsman   or   Mason",   common   in   Ulster and   the   highlands   of   Scotland,   found   in   Ireland   mostly   in   counties   Donegal, Londonderry, Tyrone and Sligo.

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My    Mother,    Doris    Winifred    Rainer,    was    born    in Abingdon   on   Thames,   in   the   county   of   Berkshire, but   following   local   government   reorganization   in 1974   is   now   in   Oxfordshire.     A   large   majority   of   my maternal   relatives   come   from   the   village   of   Sutton Courtenay just south of Abingdon. I   have   also   added   an   1830   map   of   Abingdon    and the   surrounding   area,   which   includes   most   of   the places relative to my maternal ancestors

Privacy Respected

No     information     about     any     living     relative appears   on   this   site   without   their   expressed permission.      For   continuity   I   have   added   the words    -    Privacy    Respected    -    where    there maybe or still is a living relative.


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My   Paternal   Family   tree   website,   beginning with    my    father    -    Leslie    Elwyn    Rainer,    and including   myself,   John   Rainer,   can   be   found by clicking here.
This   is   the   history   of   my   maternal   family   tree   beginning   with   my mother,   Doris   Winifred   Rainer,   nee   McIntyre      (also   including myself,   John   Rainer),   and   going   back   as   far   as   I   can   trace.   I have   included   all   the   facts   I   have   found   so   far,   together   with certificates   and   photographs   of   my   direct   ancestors.   Please enjoy   the   web   site   and   let   me   know   if   you   find   any   errors   or can add new information. Thank you.

Welcome to my McIntyre Family Tree Web Site

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I   haven’t   wanted   to   overburden   this   website   by including      page      after      page      of      source information.      For   a   lot   of   my   research   I   have used   transcription   CD’s   of   parish   records   from the   Oxfordshire   Family   History   Society.      I   have also     downloaded     records     from     numerous websites. If   there   is   a   particular   relative   whose   source details   you   would   like   to   know   more   about,   I’m more   that   happy   to   share   that   information   with you.  So please feel free to contact me.
Whitehead’s of Sutton Courtenay 
I   originally   had   a   separate   website   for   this   branch   of   my   family   tree.      But due   to   the   price   restructuring   of   my   web   hosting   company   I   have   had   to incorporate it into this website. To    access    details    of    the    Whitehead’s    of    Sutton    Courtenay    click    on “Whitehead’s”   in   the   menu   bar,   this   will   take   you   to   their   home   page   where you can follow the sub-menu to navigate the site.


08/08/2019    Whilst   looking   through   the   British   Newspaper   Archive   I   found   this item   regarding   Harry   Whitehead,   which   seems   to   contradict   what   is   on   the   War Memorial at Sutton Courtenay under the heading of “Missing”.
Sutton Courtenay War Memorial Faringdon Advertiser 23 Feb 1918
Reel   opens   with   old Abingdonian   Captain William   Aldworth   DSO   posing   with   fellow officers.     Returned     servicemen     led     by band   parade   through   streets   of Abingdon, Oxfordshire    in    the    summer    of    1919, before    assembling    in    the    Market    Place for   the   official   welcome   by   the   Mayor   and Corporation.    A     plain     temporary     cross commemorates   the   Glorious   Dead,   while the   living   enjoy   a   Carnival   of   Affection   at the Corn Exchange and luncheon.
16/08/2019   I recently discovered this 100 year old film of the Homecoming Parade for soldiers from Abingdon.